SUITCASE: Kindertransport 75th Anniversary

SUITCASE filmed at Liverpool Street Station, London 2nd December 2013

We are indebted to The Farm Group for their generous donation of facilities which has made the production of this film possible.

Seventy-five years on from the first arrival of the Kindertransport in Britain, the concourses and platforms of stations across the country burst into life with Suitcase, an original mix of site-specific promenade theatre and music which marked those arrivals. Suitcase reflected the stories of those who were there.

Audiences were taken on a journey through one of ten stations across Britain where they stumbled across scenes played out by bewildered refugee children, the waiting foster parents, Kindertransport organisers and bemused bystanders – as commuters hurrying to catch their trains were hijacked by history. A unique synthesis of memory and history, performance and place, Suitcase was created as the place where the past and present collide.

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Listen to Suitcase’s Musical Director and Executive Producer talking about the production on the Jewish Music Institute’s cloudcast here

 SUITCASE – arrived at a station near you from 12th November – 2nd December 2013

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